The only Certainty right now … is Uncertainty

Pre ‘Lockdown 2’, thousands of staff were prepared and ready to return to their offices and train operators were beginning to ramp up services to normal levels, with capacity due to hit more 90%.

Then the news that the Government were implementing a lockdown for a 4-week period, England would be back in lockdown with many restrictions placed upon us all. The result, from a workplace perspective, was that plans for the phased return were paused and in line with guidance many office workers encouraged to work from home.

As the nation continues its sacrifice to get the ‘R’ rate down, we received the welcome news yesterday of ‘the train coming around the track in the distance’ that could help pave the way out of Covid’19 … i.e. the news that a successful vaccine could be on its way.

With the country and world being in a very difficult place, this new hope, albeit with some uncertainty at this stage, isn’t a bad thing. In this instance, a scientific breakthrough that could pave the way for a much brighter and positive outlook for 2021.

If we have learned anything this year it is that none of us know what is around the corner and it is no good second guessing what comes next.

Stay True to Yourself

We’ve found the best thing to do is to maintain and rely on your Core Values, Principles and Strengths to work around the difficulties posed and find a solution, so you can prosper the ‘other side’. We have met and spoken with many companies in the service industry, including other washroom companies, cleaning companies and janitorial companies and everyone has said the same thing; their teams and staff have been exceptional, they have adapted, been flexible and relied on their fantastic relationships with clients and partners. Here, here!

In London, where a vast number of our own sites and customer exist,  there is growing encouragement for the Corporation of London, and the Government to encourage staff back to Capital when safe to do so and I know a lot of  work is going on in the background to make this happen. City centres, including London, will be revived!

We know from reports that the demand is there to return to work, both from an employer’s and employee’s perspective. We know the importance of teams, individuals, economies, and communities to be back at work.

We’ve also learned form an employee’s point of view, working from home can lead to increase stress levels, lack of personal development and even loneliness in some cases. There are reports that say staff that working from home endure increase stress levels of having to ‘prove the productivity;’ and have issues of having unsuitable spaces to work at home. In addition, internet, hardware and security issues with VPN, data etc also create potential issues.

Working from home undoubtedly has its place now in society and the traditional ‘9-5’ will change for now but the working office will always remain a key part of Britain’s working life.

With the latest news and hope that a safe and successful vaccination could be on its way, we can hope and look forward to a much more brighter a positive 2021, in which restrictions can be further be eased and offices and city centres can burst back to life.

We hope to see you out and about real soon 🙂