We provide a variety of mats to suit a wide range of workplace environments, to help ensure you keep your floors clean and safe.

Iron-Horse Mats

Iron horse

  • These mats feature a solution-dyed nylon, which is resistant to fading and bleaching.
  • The crush resistant pile enables dirt to be trapped more efficiently, as well as extending the                    performance life of the mat
  • The Nitrile rubber backing is skid resistant and is also                                                                                     resistant to oil and grease.
  • A variety of colours are available

Cushion Coil – Anti FatigueUntitled-1

  • These mats are designed for workplace environments in which employees spend long periods of time standing.
  • Cushion coils actively soften the impact of the floor                                                                                            surface and massage the feet
  • Available in black only


  • These mats are moulded, all rubber mats with face cleats that scrape shoes clean
  • A containment border traps moisture or spilt liquid, preventing damage to the surrounding floor area
  • Available in black only


  • These mats are available in a variety of colours and sizes


Kleen Thru PlusUntitled-2

  • Textured surface on both sides provide secure footing
  • The specially placed holes promote drainage
  • 100 % nitrate rubber construction ease fatigue and minimises breakage
  • It is resistant to most grease, oil and petroleum products