Ladysafe Bag Dispeners

Our Ladysafe bag dispenser goes hand in hand with our feminine hygiene units to encourage the correct, hygienic disposal of feminine hygiene personal waste. In a modern day washroom it almost seems illogical to install one without the other.

Not only do the units make a caring statement to the end user, they can also aid servicing and promote hygiene.

Featureswhite bag edited

  • Compact, discreet unit
  • Designed for single bag dispensing
  • Holds 50, scented biodegradable bags
  • Simply installed via an adhesive pad
  • Available in white, grey and chrome


  • Makes a ‘caring’ statement to the end userBag dispenser chrome edited
  • Enhances the image of any washroom environment
  • Prevents the waste adhering to the flap
  • Prevents soiling of the flap to maximise hygiene
  • Encourages disposing of the waste in the unit provided, rather than flushing
  • Easy remove, lockable cover for speed of service