Airoma® Programmable Air Freshener

The Airoma® is our intelligent, automatic odour control dispenser designed to provide long lasting fragrance in any washroom. It automatically delivers small bursts of fragrance at specific intervals in order to keep odours at bay.



  • Attractive, modern design
  • Aerosol fragrancing
  • Fully programmable dispenser – Choice of  8, 12, 16 or 24 hour operation; Choice of start time; Choice of days of operation (5, 6, or 7).
  • Variety of fragrances available with advanced odour neutralising properties
  • Battery operated
  • Available in white or chrome


  • Smooth, easy programming
  • Visible countdown clock showing time until next spray
  • Range of personalised settings to suit any location
  • Lockable dispenser and lockable battery compartment for added security
  • High quality fresh, modern and effective range of fragrances