Products and Services

Do your washrooms look and smell great? Are they hygienic and cost conscious? We’ve made you think now, haven’t we?

We want to make your washrooms something to be proud of so we provide a variety of high quality products and services to suit all of your washroom and hygiene needs. We appreciate the importance of maintaining clean, safe and hygienic facilities, not forgetting saving you money, so why not check out the extensive range of
products and services that we have to offer.

Feminine Hygiene
Our selection of feminine hygiene products allow for the hygienic disposal of sanitary waste

Air Care
Our range of air fresheners help to keep your washrooms fresh and free from nasty odours

Hand Care
We offer a variety of products to clean, dry and sanitise your hands effectively

Urinal, WC and Water Management
We can help to reduce your water usage and spend, and improve hygiene through our urinal product range

We provide a choice of vending machines for female convenience

Baby Changing
Our selection of nappy disposal units allow for the hygienic disposal of nappy and incontinence waste

Laundry and Matting 
From tea towels to bath towels, hand towels to matting, we can meet all of your textile needs

Medical Care
We offer various sized sharps units for the safe and compliant disposal of medical waste

Material Safety Data Sheets for all of our products are available upon request.