Please (don’t) Sign Here…

Pink Hygiene has always been at the forefront and leading the market in its innovation and technology use in the way it carries out its service.

Whilst many companies still require customer signatures to ‘prove’ the service carried out, Pink has always been one step ahead.

The Problem

We have always asked ourselves, ‘Why should a customer have to sign that a service has taken place, when they have no idea what that operative has actually done on site?’

Whilst it is true and evident that someone had turned up, there is often no way on knowing if all items on contract have been serviced. ‘What if the sanitary bins have been serviced but the air fresheners missed?’, ‘What if a toilet has been missed?’

Just because a signature is provided to show that the ‘service has been done’, we all know this does not necessarily mean it fully has been. All it really does show is that ‘someone has been on site’.

The Answer

Pink Hygiene’s unique Intelligent Servicing.

The Process

Safe and Sound

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, we also know that having a ‘no-touch’ sign-off operation is very important to many businesses. The fact that no signatures are required and no one from your business needs to meet with one of our engineers to ‘sign-off’ on the job, there is no concern at all about cross-contamination or breaking any social distancing rules.

We believe in making our service as transparent as possible and instead of making minor improvements of how things can be done, we look to ‘re-write the rule book’ and do something unique and different that is far better than anything else out there. 

This is why we promise, and deliver, a minimum of 99% on-time service completion and one of the reasons Pink Hygiene has experienced huge success and continued growth.

We look forward to welcoming our client’s back to work as soon as it is safe to do so and to start working with our new clients coming on board soon.