Pink Hygiene has always enjoyed having the enviable reputation as the go-to washroom company for those looking for exceptional service. It is what we do, it is in our DNA.

Pre-pandemic and certainly during the pandemic, we have always been there for our customers and come rain, sleet, or shine, when our customers need us, we are there. We are always prepared to go that ‘extra mile’ and are a company that our customers get to depend on and trust for all their hygiene needs. We do it because that is who we are and what the whole company is set up to do. It is, then, truly pleasing when we start receiving great feedback from our customers; feedback that rubberstamps what we are doing.

Check out our Google reviews online (some included below) and you will find they all have a recurring theme; that our customers are thankful and grateful that they have found a washroom company that consistently delivers exceptional service, with reliable, friendly and professional staff that actually care and take pride in the job they do. 

When you work hard to achieve something, its always great to get this validated from those that matter, the customers!

We really appreciate the feedback and rest assured we will continue to work as hard as ever to ensure our standards never slip and we always remain the best washroom service company in the industry.

Pink Hygiene provides exceptional services for sanitary and other waste disposal, air care, hand hygiene, urinal and w/c management, vending, floorcare, laundry and consumables.

To find out how Pink Hygiene really does deliver the service difference, please feel free to contact us.