The Solution to blocked pipes could be right under your nose

Nowadays, daily washroom cleaning isn’t always enough. Bad washroom odours emanate from bacteria harbouring in the places your daily cleaner just can’t reach. In all probability, they don’t have the specialist equipment or chemicals, nor perhaps, the training to provide a deep clean service to rid yourself of the problem.

Keeping toilets and specifically urinals clean, hygienic and free flowing can have a distinctly positive effect on staff or customer morale; reducing sickness and absenteeism into the bargain.

Pink Hygiene’s deep clean service embraces the descaling and thorough cleaning of all WC’s, urinals, hand wash basins ceilings walls and floors as well as all primary pipework and those areas around the washroom which are normally not part of a standard cleaning contract.

Using high-spec coring machines and correct products will help reduce and present build-up of uric scale, limescale and body fats which cause costly blockages and bad smells.

Total Washroom Solution

Getting to the root cause of the problem

Smells and blockages in washrooms are generally as a result of uric scale build-up in urinal traps, pipe work, floors and grouting.

A regular deep cleaning service from Pink Hygiene will:

  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate blockages
  • Reduce smells
  • Tackle the root cause of the problem

Our customers say…

” Best job done ever on the deep clean. The floor is bright yellow instead of black and the pipes are clean. It took the guy five hours to complete instead of half an hour from before. At last we have found somebody that can deep clean. Please pass our thanks on to your team. Job well done”.