Smell the Roses with Pink Hygiene’s Spring Deep Clean Service

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How many times have you walked into a washroom, only to want to leave immediately due to its smell or unhygienic appearance? We all know that keeping washroom facilities clean and hygienic is essential in reducing the spread of viruses and infections, however it has wider implications too.

Having well-kept washrooms and effective products in place does not only reduce infection, it can also leave a lasting impression to anyone who uses the facilities. You need to be aware that visitors to your building are likely to judge you on the standards of your washroom. A clean, well maintained washroom will leave a good impression and will improve your corporate image.

At Pink Hygiene, to go hand in hand with their wider product and service offering, they offer one off or regular washroom deep cleans, to get to those areas which are regularly missed by everyday cleaners. No matter how effective your cleaning methods are, there will be a build-up of dirt over time. This could affect urinals, WCs, fixtures and fittings, walls, floors and even pipework. Although it is impossible to eliminate dirt, bacteria and viruses completely, they can be contained and drastically reduced through methods such as specialist deep cleaning. In turn this can also help to reduce system blockages and prolong the life of washrooms.

The true fact of the matter is that every public washroom needs periodic deep cleaning, whether done annually or quarterly, to remove accumulated dirt, particularly in crevices and those hard to reach places. Pink Hygiene provides a tailored solution to meet your washroom requirements and budget, to help maintain a hygienic and pleasant environment.

With winter on the way out, for a short period you can benefit from Pink Hygiene’s spring deep clean offers. Therefore if you are looking to raise the standards of your washrooms, Pink Hygiene can help. For further information or for a FREE no obligation deep clean quotation, call 0800 389 9907.