Service Transparency through Innovation

Have you ever questioned whether your existing hygiene supplier has been onsite to carry out their contracted service?

In today’s washroom industry there is a growing need for servicing to be as discreet as possible, especially regarding the removal of sanitary waste. Many companies require such services to be completed outside of office hours to minimise disruption to staff and visitors. However, in these instances, with maybe only security guards or cleaners on site, how can you ever be sure your provider has been? Even during office hours, unless the service representative is escorted around every washroom, it is unlikely that you will know for sure that everything has been carried out as agreed.

Pink Hygiene Ltd, providers of washroom and hygiene services across London, Essex and surrounding counties, believe they have overcome this issue with their innovative Scan, Service and Verify barcoding system.

In order to provide more visibility to a typically discreet service, without disrupting day to day activities, all non-exchange products from Pink Hygiene are installed with unique barcodes. Upon each service the barcodes are scanned by the service representative, capturing information on what product has been serviced, in which location and at what time. Once the service is complete, an email is automatically generated and sent to the customer, showing all of the information obtained as proof of service. Simple yet genius!

Barry Marsham, Joint Director comments: “Our innovative barcode technology has been developed to ensure complete peace of mind and transparency for all of our customers that the services they are paying for are completed, on-time, every time. At Pink Hygiene we are proud to be different and through this cutting edge system, we believe that we are shaping the future for customer focused servicing.”

To find out more about the Scan, Service and Verify system, please call 0800 3899907 or email