The Missing Link

Missing link 2When it comes to choosing your hygiene service provider, how do you choose the company that best meets your needs? Pink Hygiene, the new kid on the washroom block, is here to explain why they have bridged the gap in customer focused service.

Today’s hygiene industry is saturated with companies offering similar washroom products and services, often set apart by individual value-added propositions, typically based around price, quality, environmental credentials, customer service and reliability.

When reviewing service contracts the key selection criteria will vary from customer to customer, depending on priorities. This could include reducing costs, improving sustainable practices, or perhaps an improvement is sought in the level of on-site service and customer care provided. Inevitably each factor will be of some significance, but often companies will find themselves compromising their ‘wish list’ as hygiene providers are unable to fulfil exact requirements.

With over 40 years’ industry experience, Pink Hygiene understand the varying and growing needs of customers and, as a result, pledge to provide a service that ticks all of the boxes. Underpinning Pink Hygiene’s service offering is a unique ‘Pinky’ promise, made up of the following six key commitments:

1)      Known Service Day

2)      Scan, Service and Verify

3)      Zero to Landfill

4)      Flexible contracts

5)      Money back guarantee

6)      Percentage of contract value to charity

Adam Speck, Joint Managing-Director comments: “In this day and age hygiene companies cannot afford to remain static in the marketplace. Customers have evolving needs and it is vital that we have the flexibility to accommodate these and not just offer the status quo. Our ‘Pinky’ promise encapsulates the essential features that we know customers struggle to find collectively from any other hygiene service provider”.

Innovation is key and at Pink Hygiene significant investment has been made into the two vital areas of servicing and corporate social responsibility.

Adam adds: “One question that we like to pose to is – how can you be confident that you are actually receiving the service that you are paying for when it is so discreet? In paying for a service, you expect it to be carried out satisfactorily, but how often do you actually check? It is only when an issue arises that the competency of your service provider is questioned.”

Bespoke Offering

In order to provide a more visible service, all products within Pink Hygiene’s range have been fitted with a unique bar code which, when serviced, will be scanned by the customer service representative. This allows information to be captured on what products have been serviced and at what time. Once the site has been fully serviced, all information will automatically be emailed across to the customer, on the same day, as proof of delivery.

Barry Marsham, Joint Managing-Director explains: “From our research and past knowledge, we know that communication is paramount to our customers. Our innovative barcoding system has been specifically developed to ensure complete peace of mind for our clients that the services they are paying for are completed; on-time, every time.

“In addition, having been created around sound ethics and core values, Pink Hygiene goes beyond just our products and services. We are truly committed to giving back to society and will be donating a percentage of every customer’s contract value back to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. This is a cause close to our hearts and the UK’s leading charity dedicated to preventing loss of life from breast cancer. This will come at no additional cost to our customers and will tie in with many of our customer’s own CSR policies”.

So, whether you are looking for improved service, better environmental credentials, value for money or innovation, companies are emerging that can cater for all requirements without the need to compromise.

Pink Hygiene is proud to be different and delighted to bring this complete service offering to the market place and to lead the way in customer-focused innovations and developments.

For more information or to arrange a hygiene consultation, please call 0800 3899907 or visit