Happy 5th Birthday Pink!

As Pink Hygiene celebrate their official 5th birthday, it’s a great chance to look back to see how far they have come and the success they have had in this time.

In May 2014, Pink officially started trading and like all new businesses, knew they needed to bring something new and fresh to an already saturated market.

Adam, joint-owner, recalls “The washroom market was one Barry and I knew well. We were aware the market was flooded with ‘me-too’ companies and our challenge was to deliver something fresh and exiting to the industry. Something that stood us apart from the rest”. He continues “Our first aim was to bring innovation to our clients and deliver something that had never been done before; a fully transparent service whereby every single item serviced could be tracked with proof shown that the exact product at any location in any building has been serviced and at what time. Washroom services often take place whilst ‘the world is sleeping’ or very discreetly and therefore is open to companies not always completing 100% of the service that the client is paying for. We wanted to ensure that the client always knew that the exact service they were expecting, always got delivered”.

The proof is certainly in the pudding with, fast approaching, 1000 sites serviced by Pink Hygiene from Peterborough and Northampton down to Brighton and Southampton, the company has enjoyed year on year growth since it started. It appears customers are loving the service levels brought by Pink and enjoying the quality and dedication to service that an independent washroom company with true customer values at its core can deliver.

Barry Marsham, co-founder, adds “ The journey over the last 5 years has been a lot of hard work and as expected has had its ups and down but in reaching our 5th year birthday with the company in an extremely strong and positive position, my overall feeling is one of pride. In my 30 plus years in this industry, I can honestly say we have the best team with everyone focussed and passionate about delivering the best service in the industry. They are committed and have genuine care for our customers and take pride in their work. We know that cultivating this culture and ethos amongst the team will ensure sustainable growth moving forward”.

Looking at the long list of achievements made by the company in just 5 years, there is plenty to be happy about. Securing ISO 14001, 9001 and Safe Contractor accreditations, renovation of purpose-built new premises and an amazing donation total in excess of £11,000 (to date) to Breast Cancer Now is just an indication of the success Pink Hygiene has enjoyed. The company is proud to be the washroom service provider to some of London’s most iconic establishments including those in retail, exhibition arenas, education and workspace and to some of the world’s leading brands.

Barry continues “it has been a great 5 years, but we believe this is just the start for us. We have built a great foundation on which to continue to build an amazing company. We will continue to ensure we always maintain a customer-centric approach and certainly won’t be resting on our laurels. With our barcode service technology, we already lead the way in service innovation, but we will be rolling-out phase 2 of our service innovation, taking it to the next level that will give even further peace of mind to our customers and continue to set us apart from the rest. Stay tuned!

On behalf of Adam and myself we would like to say a big thank you to all our customers, staff and stakeholders that have all had a part to play in our first 5 years. Here’s to the next 5!”.

To experience the ‘service difference’ and join the growing number of delighted customers, give us a call on 0800 389 9907 or visit our website http://www.pinkhygiene.co.uk/