Customer Service – The ‘Pink-Way’

Customer Service – The ‘Pink-Way’

From the outset, Pink Hygiene have always put their customer first and ensured they can back up what they say about being the best service company in the industry.

Adam, Co-founder of Pink Hygiene, states, “I hear a lot of company’s claim to be customer focussed and put their customer first, but the evidence at ‘ground level’ doesn’t usually correspond. Customer service is not just a label you can use because it’s what you want people to hear. To truly be customer focused, you need to do more. To deliver great service, every member of your organisation needs to be pulling in the same direction and have the same goals and objectives. If any part of the team doesn’t have the same attitude and willingness to deliver, the chain collapses and the customer ultimately suffers”.

So, what has Pink done to ensure their customers are never let down?

“The transparency to our service is key. For too long, companies still get away with not always delivering the service their customers are paying for. Washroom services are often termed the ‘hidden service’ as they happen very early in the morning and in environments where not all customers do or want to check. They expect the service just to be done as agreed. They need to trust their suppliers. With Pink Hygiene’s barcode technology and scanning service, everything is up front and on show. Customers have a time and date log of start and finish times and proof that everything they pay for is serviced as and when it should be”.

Customer Service starts from within

“To achieve customer service on a long-term, sustainable level, everyone needs to be part of it. Every member of the Pink Team all have the same ethos to get things right the first time. We are a service company and our job is to deliver the service. From the warehouse stock management, picking and loading, measures to ensure everything is done correctly and on time, to the delivery on our customer’s sites, everyone forms part of the same chain. In conjunction with this is the smooth running of the finance and service office and the reporting, feedback and communication we have with our customers on a regular basis. We never leave our customers waiting. Collectively, we build a customer service experience that is the best in the industry.

From profit share for all staff members, service bonus’s and staff recognition, away days, sharing of information & ideas, regular praise and feedback and an environment of continuous development and improvement, it all helps create the pathways and culture needed for us continue to deliver the highest standards as we continue to grow. We will not become like the rest whose service levels drop as they get bigger. We will never forget our roots and lose what makes great”.

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