Banish Bugs this Winter

bacteria news imageWith winter fast approaching and with the threat of infection always a possibility, it’s important to keep hand hygiene at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Do people actually realise just how important hand hygiene is though?

The spread of infection can become uncontrollable in a very short space of time, especially with the numerous touch points there are around a building. If hands are not cleaned correctly then germs will transfer to door handles, walls, desks, keyboards or any other item where contact is made. The moment somebody else touches these areas, any harbouring nasties will be passed on.

The ultimate problem is that many people don’t realise how easy it is to pick up germs. In fact by the time you have used all the necessary facilities within a washroom, the chances are you may have actually been exposed to a number of germs which can lead to illness. It’s important to clean (wash and dry) your hands properly to reduce the spread of infection and just as importantly, it is vital that hands are dried thoroughly too. Surprisingly many people actually get this simple strategy wrong.

“A lot of people think they are washing their hands properly when in fact they are merely splashing their hands in water with little soap (if any), little rubbing and limited drying,” says Adam Speck, Joint Director at Pink Hygiene Ltd.

“Although a simple concept, numerous individuals still need educating on the importance of hand hygiene and also how to wash and dry their hands correctly. Whilst alternative products such as hand sanitisers may help reduce cross contamination in between washes, it is people’s washroom behaviours where the underlying problem exists and unfortunately habits don’t change overnight”.

As a starting point, in any building it is vital to minimise the risk of infection as an outbreak can have disastrous consequences. So how do you make sure your washroom has the right facilities to ensure a high level of hygiene standards, particularly over winter months?

You can arrange for a hygiene company to review your washroom and suggest suitable products. Pink Hygiene offer a free hygiene consultation for your washrooms and they will be able to give you best practice hygiene advice to suit your individual requirements. For more information please contact them today on 0800 389 9907.