Let’s talk about Scent…

Scent is an important emotional influencer and in addition to fragrancing an environment as a solution to mask unpleasant odours, nowadays it is common experience fragrance as a user ‘experience’ in a location. Organisations are realising the powerful ability of our sense of smell and using the magic of scent to deeply connect with our emotions. Smell can evoke memories and lasting impressions, which stimulate emotions and trigger certain behaviours. The true magic and effect of scent is only just being discovered.

With units varying in size to cover small to very large areas, we will have the right system for you. Speak with Pink today to arrange a demonstration and let us help you discover what the power of fragrance can do for your business.

The Magic of Scent, delivered by the Magic of Pink


  • Utilises Atomiser Technology which produces a very fine mist of fragrance that will linger in the atmosphere longer than aerosol fragrance.
  • There are 15 programmable combinations of days working
  • Amount of fragrance dispensed is controlled by the combination of time on and time off (hours operational), along with the number of working days.
  • Wide range of beautiful fragrances
  • Floor standing or H/VAC operations
  • Settings suitable to fragrance large reception spaces, offices, car showrooms, retail outlets, club & casinos, theatres etc.
  • Amazing cost in use value