Living Wage Foundation

The Living Wage Foundation is a campaigning organisation in the United Kingdom which aims to persuade employers to pay a living wage. The organisation was established in 2011, publishes an annual Living Wage figure and accredits employers who pay the wage.

Studies have shown that 86% of business that pay this has it has improved the reputation of the business, 75% say it has increased motivations and retention rate for employees, 64% say it helped differentiate themselves from others in the industry and 58% say it improved relations between managers and their staff.

Pink Hygiene have always been proud to pay above industry averages and in addition to the excellent pay, also offer all the team other additional benefits and rewards for the excellent work they do and have always put staff welfare at the top of its priorities, realising the true benefit to the business of having truly motivated, committed, and happy staff.

We are proud of our support of the Living Wage Foundation.