Introducing Pink Hygiene’s Health & Wellbeing Programme

Walk up to someone today and ask them “How are you?”.

90% of the time, the answer will be the same and we all know what that answer will be… “I’m fine thank you”.

Most of the time it is out of habit, sometimes simply politeness, sometimes it is due to not really believing the person asking actually wants to know. It may be due to our own insecurities and sometimes because we don’t think it will make any difference what we answer. The problem is that sometimes, we are far from fine but just don’t want to admit it.

Pink Hygiene have always held the philosophy and belief that our team and staff are the most important element to our business. Without them and their commitment, dedication and quality of work, Pink Hygiene would not have had the success and growth it has had since we started. Put simply, we have an amazing team, and it is our key goal and intention to keep it that way with help and support for both their physical and mental health.

Support Programmes

Mental Health is nothing new and for  many years people have suffered with all sorts of mental health issues; from simply just needing to talk and having mild symptoms, to higher levels of stress, worry, fear, anxiety and depression.

There is a mis-conception with Mental Health that you either ‘have it’ or you ‘don’t.  This is fundamentally incorrect. We all have ‘Mental Health’ (just as we all have ‘Physical Health’), and we should look at it as a sliding continuum, which can improve or deteriorate at any given time. Its only when it drops and remains low for a period of time that ‘conditions’ associated with Mental Health can develop and show themselves. Our aim at Pink Hygiene is to help all the team acknowledge their Mental Health status and keep it in as best shape as possible.  

There is also a high correlation between good physical health and positive mental health, so it is our goal as Directors to do all we can to support both aspects of all staff’s mental and physical wellbeing.

This is why Pink Hygiene has launched it’s ‘Health and Wellbeing’ Programme.

What is it?

In regard to Mental Health, we are creating a pathway for any of the Pink Hygiene team to speak with someone who can help. Dependent on the individual’s needs, we will put members of staff in contact with someone who they can feel safe and comfortable to open-up to and talk to at a time away from work.

This scheme is completely private and confidential and will be funded by the company.

For Physical Health, pro-active initiatives will be provided and initiated on an individual and team basis to help encourage and promote good physical health habits, including exercise and diet.


Simply, because we love and value our staff.

Pink Hygiene recognises that its employees are its biggest assets, and wants to ensure a happy, productive, alert and healthy workforce. Through keeping lines of communication open, ensuring we are looking out for colleagues, allowing help by disclosing any health or wellbeing matters and working on protecting our own health, the company can continue to provide a safe working environment for everyone. This in turn will provide long-term and sustainable excellent service delivery for our customers.

Making it visible

We have a saying at Pink Hygiene that we make ‘the invisible…visible’ with our transparent service utilising barcode technology. In essence, we want to do the same with the health and wellbeing of our team. Just because we may not physically see that someone is unwell, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t.

Pink’s ‘Health & Wellbeing’ programme is deigned to make the health of all the team visible to ensure their ongoing happiness and wellbeing.