All Clear Ahead – Urinal Health Management

“The urinals are overflowing again”, words that all Facilities Manager’s or Office Manager’s dread to hear!

Urinal traps and pipework, left untreated (or even wrongly treated), will overtime begin to block up, ultimately leaving water (and urine) nowhere else to go but back up the pipework and eventually cause the urinal bowl to overflow.

Unfortunately, it is very often difficult to ascertain and know about the problem until it is too late. It is the old question of being Pro-Active vs Re-Active!

Help is at hand

Pink has a simple solution. Book a Pink Hygiene Technician to visit your premises on a fixed-service basis to carry out a Purge service on your urinals. We can offer a great value package, which will in the long run will save huge amounts of money compared to costly ad-hoc plumbing and drainage charges which only treat the problem once it becomes an issue and don’t provide ongoing maintenance.

Quadrasan Purge Urinal (and shower) Trap Treatment

Quadrasan® Purge sachets are designed to help unblock urinals & shower cubicles by breaking down organic waste effectively with the release of enzymes. Quadrasan® Purge sachets speed up the degradation of paper, protein & waste products. Blockages can be cleared effectively in systems with slow drainage.


  • Helps unblock urinals & shower cubicles, breaking down organic waste.
  • Biologically concentrated formulation designed to deal with waste products.
  • Reduce odours – helps to remove organic materials, preventing depository build up that causes unpleasant odours.
  • All ingredients are biodegradable.

Solutions that aren’t Pipe Dreams

For pipework that is particularly bad and clogged up, Pink Hygiene can also provide a total deep clean service of the pipework.  This includes removing bottle traps and pipework to clear any blockages back to the stack pipe and mechanically rodding this out to restore the pipework back to its original state.

Talk to a member of the Pink Hygiene team today for more information or a to arrange a survey.