Our Pinky Promise

Are you sick and tired of your current hygiene provider not delivering the level of service expected? At Pink Hygiene we want to open your eyes to what you could and should be receiving in terms of a quality and customer-focused service.

We are just the cure for your current washroom contract frustrations.

We have been in the industry long enough to understand the importance of customer satisfaction and a seamless (not seems-less) service, so for your peace of mind we make a ‘Pinky Promise’ to all our customers to provide the following, with absolutely no small print or excuses attached!

Known Service DayKnown service day – You will receive a reliable service on a known day. Every scheduled service of your facilities will be carried out on time, every time. We guarantee it!

Scan & Service

Barcode Technology – You will automatically receive confirmation that we have been on site and serviced your products. Each product has its own unique bar code which, when serviced, will be scanned by your known service driver. This allows us to capture information on what product has been servicedZero to Landfill and at what time. Once your site has been fully serviced all information captured will automatically be emailed across to you, on the same day, as proof of delivery.

Zero to LandfillZero to landfill – As highlighted in our Environmental Policy, we are genuinely committed to the prevention of pollution and the continual improvement of the environment. We therefore ensure that your waste is disposed of using the most environmentally responsible methods. Sending offensive waste to white squarelandfill is not an option that we at Pink Hygiene entertain, so we vow to apply best practice by diverting waste from landfill sites to Waste to Energy Incineration, where the energy recovered is utilised by the National Grid.

PrintFlexible contracts – We are happy to discuss and agree contract terms in order to suit your business requirements. As an independent company we are able to provide a more personal and responsive service which allows us to be much more customer focused.

Money Back GuaranteeCompetitive Pricing – Quite simply, we pride ourselves on providing the best service at a competitive price.

% oPercentage of Contract Value to Charityf contract value to charity – As a cause close to our hearts, we will be donating a percentage of your service contract value to the charity Breast Cancer Now, at no additional cost to you.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but don’t just take our word for it, come and check it out for yourself. For more information or to arrange your hygiene consultation, contact us today!