Intelligent Servicing

Pink Hygiene has always been at the forefront of the washroom hygiene market when it comes to service excellence and innovation and to continue our great work in this field, we are proud to now offer our unique Intelligent Servicing to the market place.

In simple terms, Pink Hygiene wanted to put the control back into your, the customer’s, hands and ensure that you no-longer need to worry if you are receiving the service you are paying for.

For many years, we believe that washroom services have gone un-checked and un-audited. Due to the nature of the services being out of office hours, too many service providers have managed not to fulfil their service obligation.

Well, at Pink Hygiene, we thought it was time for this to change!

With our unique Intelligent Servicing offer, all washroom products that we install at your site will have a unique barcode identification number inserted into them.

Upon each visit, every product will be scanned by your known operative which captures what has been serviced, at what location and at what time. Once the site has been fully serviced, all the information will be emailed across to you as proof of service, which will also show, any products that are damaged, missing or can’t be serviced.

Innovative, transparent service, just the way we thought you’d like it!

For more information or to arrange your hygiene consultation, contact us today!