TCell Non Aerosol Air Freshener

The TCell is a revolutionary air care system that creates an environment that is fresh, all day, every day. Fragrance is circulated from the unit around the washrooms from the natural air flow in a washroom. As it is non aerosol and non battery operated, it is the most environmentally friendly product in our air care range.


  • Stylish, contemporary design
  • Non-aerosol fragrancing
  • Variety of fragrances available with no propellants or added VOCs
  • Odour neutralising properties
  • No batteries or electrical plug needed
  • Silent operations
  • Available in white, chrome or black


  • Easy to install1793547_tcell_white_XL
  • Small unit for discreet fragrancing
  • One unit covers from 3 to 4 toilets and urinals
  • Microtans in the fragrance help to eliminate bad odours, rather than mask them
  •  High quality fresh, modern and effective range of fragrances