Welcome to Pink Hygiene

Pink Hygiene is proud to be different! In an industry where all of the big players are renowned for poor service, Pink Hygiene wants you to feel safe in the knowledge that your service has been completed AND that it has been delivered on time.

You’ve heard it all before? Well, not only do we offer Competitive Pricing, we also provide a Proof of Delivery system using unique Barcode Technology whereby each time a product is serviced, it has its own unique barcode scanned and a receipt is sent back to you for your reassurance. Simple!

Whilst we are committed to providing the best service in the marketplace, this is not our only objective. At the heart of our offering is our desire to raise awareness and money for breast cancer through supporting the charity – Breast Cancer Now. We ‘Pinky Promise’ to donate a percentage of your service contract value to this amazing charity, at no additional cost to you. Please visit our JustGiving page to hear our story on why we are committed to this cause.

Our aim is to keep you in the pink – physically and financially, so why not drop us a line today to arrange a hygiene consultation so we can find the best solutions for your business.